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MD, DM, FCSI, FESC, FSCAI (USA) Director And Head, Trans-Radial Interventional Programme

Dr. Rathi is the Director & Head of the Trans-Radial Interventional Programme at Max Super Specialty Hospital in Delhi. He is a senior interventional cardiologist with an experience of over 20 years. With a prolonged expertise in coronary interventions like angiography and angioplasty, he has performed more than 15,000 cardiovascular procedures. Also, he is a pioneer in establishing the trans-radial route of cardiovascular methods in central India and at some major cardiac institutes of Delhi. ​He has been socially active for many causes including the Hriday Suraksha Abhiyan. To make heart attack recognizable by the common men, he has founded The Heart App, a cell phone-based application. He is one of the Best Cardiologist in south Delhi.

DM Cardiology 1998 GSVM Medical College, Kanpur
MD Medicine 1989 Pt. JNM Medical College, Raipur
MBBS 1985 Pt. JNM Medical College, Raipur


  1. Fellow of Cardiological Society of India
  2. Fellow of European Society of Cardiology
  3. Fellow of Society for Cardiac Angiography and Interventions (USA)

He has performed more than fifteen thousand cardiovascular interventions and is an expert at performing coronary interventions by trans-radial approach (Wrist approach) which is considered as a safer and patient-friendly approach.He is also proficient in performing various complex coronary interventions (CTO, Bifurcation, Rotabaltions etc.), balloon mitral, aortic and pulmonary valvotomies and various congenital therapeutic cardiac interventions. Dr. Rajeev Rathi is instrumental in establishing, the department of cardiology at Apollo Hospital, Bilaspur and cardiac cath lab in Medical College, Raipur.He is one of the best Cardiologist in south Delhi and Saket.

The Heart App

It is a unique smartphone app that aims to empower patients to recognise symptoms of a heart attack early and also provides assistance to health professionals in diagnosing a heart attack.

Hriday Suraksha Abhiyan

Dr. Rajeev Rathi started this groundbreaking project in Central Coal Fields Ltd. Ranchi to reduce the mortality and morbidity caused by acute myocardial infarction. This project also provided the best possible treatment to all victims of heart attacks in peripherals regions.


  1. By Government of Chhattisgarh for distinguished services.
  2. By Agrawal Samaj and Maheshwari Samaj Bilaspur CG for distinguished services in cardiology and medicine.
  3. By Central coal field ltd for distinguished services.
  4. Honorary Visiting Professor at Cardiology Medical College Raipur (C.G.).


  1. Seventeen publications in various national and International Journals.
  2. Part of international trials as Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator.
  3. Distinguished presenter of challenging cases at all the major International Cardiology Conferences (TCT, ACC and Euro PCR).

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